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Ergoflex®-LIFE TUNDRA® Protector

The Ergoflex-LIFE TUNDRA® is our most advanced mattress protector yet, representing the next-generation of performance sleep enhancement.

Featuring advanced phase change material (PCM) nanotechnology incorporated into premium TENCEL® fabric, TUNDRA® delivers intelligent thermoregulation performance for the coolest night’s sleep.

  • Advanced cooling PCM nanotechnology
  • Active thermoregulation to 28°C – not too hot, not too cold
  • Super-thin TENCEL® material
  • Designed to complement the Ergoflex® 5G memory foam performance
  • Machine-washable at 40°
  • Tumble dry on low

Advanced Temperature Regulation


Advanced Temperature Regulation



Cooling Airflow






Total Peace of Mind

Phase Change Materials

The Science Behind The Magic

Body temperature naturally drops during the onset of sleep, meaning that any factor that prevents this can create disturbances that last throughout the night. That’s where TUNDRA® comes in.

Phase Change Materials (PCM) have the ability to absorb heat – in the form of thermal energy – before dispersing it. By fusing PCM micro-capsules into the TENCEL® fabric of TUNDRA®, the effects of bodily heat fluctuations are reduced to a more regulated temperature. By maintaining a consistent temperature of 28 degrees, TUNDRA® prevents the mattress environment from becoming too warm and ensures a comfortable night’s sleep.

This revolutionary performance is achieved without compromising comfort. TUNDRA® is silky smooth to the touch, working perfectly with the Ergoflex® 5G mattress and your bedding to provide an almost imperceptible protective barrier.

Tundra provides total waterproof protection while remaining completely breathable.

TUNDRA® is not just about delivering a class-leading cooling performance, it also provides total waterproof protection while remaining completely breathable, hypoallergenic and soft to the touch. So you can get the coolest night’s sleep with total peace of mind and protection.

The Coolest Addition

The Ergoflex® 5G mattress doesn’t just deliver class-leading pressure-relief and body cradling support, it’s also been developed from top-to-bottom with temperature regulation in mind.

From the Cool-Sleep airflow system layer that prevents the build-up of warmth, to the open-cell high density visco-elastic memory foam and ventilated TENCEL® outer cover, we’ve designed a sleep system that redefines memory foam mattress performance.

The advanced PCM nanotechnology of the TUNDRA® protector takes this even further, delivering active thermoregulation and providing a perfectly designed addition.

Tundra provides total waterproof protection while remaining completely breathable.

Please note: a mattress protector is not intended to enhance the performance of the mattress. The Ergoflex-LIFE™ mattress protector uses the thinnest, most breathable material currently available, and its thermo-regulating attributes make it the best choice for use with memory foam mattresses. However, whilst this product doesn't markedly inhibit memory foam performance and will provide protection from liquids, it is ultimately an after-market addition and it is a fact that no memory foam mattress will ever feel as comfortable to use with the addition of a protective layer.

Care Instructions

  • Wash before first use
  • Wash at 40 degrees
  • Wash with similar garments/textiles ie; white towels, bedding. Keep away from zippers & hooks.
  • Low heat setting on the tumble dryer and dry with other similar garments/textiles. Alternatively, dry flat or on a clothes horse.

Do not:

  • Tumble dry alone
  • Peg on washing line
  • Place on or near hot surfaces, such as radiators, electric blankets or hot water bottles

Not to be used with anti-inflammatory or alcohol based gels and creams as this may damage the waterproof membrane.

  • No ironing
  • No bleach
  • No dry cleaning

A waterproof mattress protector must be replaced every two years to allow for ultimate protection. Guaranteed against defects of workmanship or materials for a period of two years.

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