Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Ergoflex mattresses, ordering, delivery, customer services and aftercare.

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Which type of bed base should I use?

Ergoflex™ memory foam mattresses can be safely used with all types of bed, even adjustable electrics or divans. We would however advise that whilst it is ok to use Ergoflex™ memory foam mattresses with a slightly sprung bed base or a base with curved, convex slats it will perform better on a completely flat, stable platform. If using on a slatted bed base, please ensure the gaps between the slats are no wider than 2 - 3 inches. The Ergoflex is not designed to be used directly on the floor.

Are Ergoflex mattresses suitable for people with a bad back?

Yes, the body shaping properties of Ergoflex™ provide  pressure-relieving support to all areas that come into contact with it, including the lower back. The Ergoflex™ is also an excellent option for those suffering from conditions including fibromyalgia, arthritis, circulation problems, lumbago or sports injuries.

Can I see an Ergoflex mattress in a shop?

No. Ergoflex™ is currently only available direct online from our official website. We believe that the traditional method of in-store mattress buying is fundamentally flawed – it’s simply not possible to get an accurate impression of a mattress after a few minutes spent in a retail environment. And that’s without considering the cost implications of commission for salespeople, store rents, business rates and other traditional overheads – all of which is factored into the price you pay at the till. Our internet-only business model allows us to avoid these significant overheads which means we can offer our products at the lowest possible prices, while our 30 day risk-free home trial offers additional peace of mind and added confidence to trial our products in the comfort of your own home.

Can I use a mattress protector on the Ergoflex?

Yes. We recommend the official Ergoflex™ LIFE protector, which has been specifically designed to maintain optimum performance from the mattress. Unofficial mattress protectors are likely to inhibit the performance of the visco-elastic memory foam layer, making it feel firmer and less forgiving whilst inhibiting some of the body cradling properties they are known and loved for.

Can I use an electric blanket on the Ergoflex?

No. Ergoflex™ memory foam mattresses are temperature sensitive, meaning that the heat from an electric blanket could deform the visco-elastic foam and damage key attributes and properties of the mattresses and its performance.


Can I wash the Ergoflex?

It is not possible to wash HD memory foam without impacting upon the long-term performance attributes, however the removable TENCEL® outer cover can be easily unzipped and machine washed at 30° and tumble dried on low heat to ensure unmatched levels of hygiene and freshness for the lifetime of the mattress. For complete peace of mind, the addition of our proprietary, breathable and water proof Ergoflex-LIFE™ mattress protector will further protect your mattress and can also be machine washed at 60°.

Can you feel the difference between different kinds of memory foam mattresses?

Yes, significantly so. Lower quality memory foam mattresses invariably contain a sub-standard low density grade of material which doesn’t offer sufficient support or body-shaping performance. In addition to a poor quality sleeping experience these mattresses will also degrade far more quickly as a result of employing lower specification materials - providing a progressively worse level of comfort and support. Higher quality memory foam mattresses use genuine high density materials that deliver real pressure-relieving support from day one. They will also last longer. The Ergoflex™ 5G contains true high density visco-elastic memory foam, the highest grade density available in the UK. Take a look at our Buyers Guide for more information on comparing mattresses.

Do you dispose of my old mattress?

Unfortunately, no. We use an external delivery contractor to fulfil our shipping, and mattress disposal is not part of the service. In taking this decision we’re able to maintain our competitive product pricing. Please contact the large refuse collection department at your local authority who will often collect and recycle your old mattress free of charge or for a nominal fee dependent on the borough you reside in.

How and why is the Ergoflex mattress so competitively priced?

We only sell the Ergoflex™ mattress through our official website, avoiding the significant overheads that come with traditional retail supply chain. As well as this, our vacuum-packing and boxing process allows for more efficient distribution. These savings are passed directly on to the customer with our competitive pricing.

How can I be sure the Ergoflex is the right choice?

With the optimum combination of premium quality materials and class-leading performance, we’re very confident that you’ll find that Ergoflex™ is the right choice for your next mattress. However, we offer a risk-free home trial period to help you make the decision. After ten years selling our mattresses into the domestic market and the thousands and thousands of 5 independent 5 star reviews we have received as a result, we hope you can take confidence from the high praise and satisfaction current Ergoflex™ customers have enjoyed over the many years we have been providing great sleep to a huge number of well rested sleepers.

How does the Ergoflex compare to an inner spring mattress?

Traditional inner spring mattresses, whether pocket spring or coil/bonnell spring, are made up of metal coils designed to support the weight of your body. While there is a huge variation in the quality and performance of spring mattresses it’s a fact that their support is limited to where the springs are positioned. This leaves parts of the body unsupported, and that the support offered by those springs will invariably decrease over time. Ergoflex™ memory foam mattresses offer a body-cradling surface that provides consistent support to all areas of the body that come into contact with it, delivering pressure-relief from top to toe. This means that no part of the body goes unsupported, and it’s quicker and easier to find a comfortable sleeping position in which to achieve deep, restful sleep for the entire night.

How does the Ergoflex mattress discourage allergens, bed bugs and dust mites?

The layered composition of the Ergoflex™ is inherently inhospitable to dust mites and bed bugs, as unlike traditional spring mattresses there are minimal hollow spaces within the core. In addition to this every Ergoflex™ is anti-allergenic, making both the outer cover and the mattress itself extremely hygienic, hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial.

How does the mattress come in such a compact box?

Every Ergoflex™ mattress is compression-packed, vacuum-sealed and rolled, enabling it to be safely and efficiently shipped in a compact box. This approach offers several benefits to the customer – it’s easier to manoeuvre into your bedroom when received, and it’s far more cost-effective to ship with savings that are reflected in the product price. It’s no surprise that this approach has been adopted by many other mattress retailers since Ergoflex™ introduced it in 2006.

How will the Ergoflex mattress fare under constant use?

The high quality materials used in the Ergoflex™ 5G ensures years of optimum performance. We’re supremely confident of this, as demonstrated with our 10 year guarantee on every mattress.

I usually get warm at night, will an Ergoflex be suitable for me?

Although memory foam mattresses have the ability to retain body heat more efficiently than standard mattresses due to their composition, Ergoflex™ memory foam mattresses have an open cell structure to allow air to circulate freely through their layers. Every Ergoflex™ 5G comes with a unique Cool-Sleep™ airflow layer to assist temperature regulation, and the all-new TENCEL® outer cover is highly breathable with unrivalled moisture wicking attributes when compared to natural cotton or high-tech synthetic fabrics.

Is the mattress I want currently in stock?

The mattress purchase page shows the availability of each mattress in the range, and a notification will appear if a particular size is out of stock. Mattresses can be pre-ordered for delivery with the next consignment, and expected dates will be indicated at this stage.

Is there a maximum weight limit for using the Ergoflex?

To ensure ongoing maximum performance from your Ergoflex™ mattress and longevity of use, we recommend as a precaution that the mattresses are suitable for persons up to 18 stones in weight (approx. 114 kg or 252 lbs) or 30 stones for combined weight (approx. 190 kg or 420 lbs). If you do exceed this weight and would like to purchase an Ergoflex™ mattress, please contact our sales team direct for advice.

Where can I find more information to help my decision?

It’s a fact that a better informed customer is ultimately a happier customer – as they know exactly what they’re buying… and they don’t simply buy whatever a salesperson or temptingly-written website wants them to buy. Take a look at our Buyers Guide for a jargon-free explanation of what to look out for when buying a memory foam mattress, and learn how to avoid being won over by mattress brands that are more concerned about their marketing than their product quality.

Which certifications does the Ergoflex have?

Every Ergoflex™ mattress is compliant with UK BS 5852 & BS 7177 safety standards, as well as being certified to Certi-Pur® & OKEO-TEX® 100 International standards.

Why do memory foam mattresses vary so much in price?

Differences in material quality and mattress performance, as well as manufacturing techniques typically contribute to the variation in prices of memory foam mattresses. In reality, the huge differences in quality and performance between memory foam mattresses at the lower and upper end of the market all but makes them completely different products that can’t credibly be compared against each other. See our Buyers Guide for more information on how memory foam mattresses can differ enormously.

Why should I buy an Ergoflex mattress when I can't try it?

We know it’s a big decision to buy a mattress online without trying it first. That’s why we offer a risk-free 30-day home trial for peace of mind, along with a 10-year guarantee. This way you can fully assess the benefits of the Ergoflex™ in the comfort of your own home to ensure satisfaction and compatibility with a product that you will live with for the next decade. Our home trial offers a far superior demonstration of the mattress than you could ever get at an in-store showroom, as what better way is there to test a mattress than sleeping on it? Finally, we know our products last the distance, as we've been around since 2006.

Will it work on an adjustable bed?

Yes, Ergoflex™ mattresses work with all types of bed bases, however we request that you double-check the dimensions of your electrical adjustable bed - most UK versions are 6ft 6", whereas UK standard single mattresses are 6ft 3". (90cm x 200cm - 90cm x 190cm)

Will the Ergoflex pillow fit into a standard pillow case?

Yes. The Ergoflex™ pillow is a standard size measuring 65cm x 45cm. It will however perform better in a large pillowcase that provides ample room for it to move and shape to the contours of the neck and head. All memory foam products need good air circulation to correctly mould to your body, so we recommend using a slightly larger pillowcase where possible to ensure optimum performance.

Is the Ergoflex pillow guaranteed?

Yes, the pillow is guaranteed against defects of workmanship or materials for a period of two years. Returns period is 14 days.

Is the Ergoflex mattress protector guaranteed?

Yes, the Ergoflex mattress protector is guaranteed against defects of workmanship or materials for a period of two years. Returns period is 14 days, however we cannot accept returns once the protector has been opened, for hygiene reasons.

Ordering and Delivery

Can I choose the delivery time or date?

When you place an order on the website, you can select a convenient delivery date of your choice. For customers residing in majority of mainland UK, online orders placed for items in stock, before 2pm, Monday to Thursday, will be delivered the following day. If this is inconvenient, you can choose a future delivery date during the checkout process.

When ordering an item that is out of stock, the estimate consignment arrival date is clearly indicated in a red box on the mattress detail page.

Ergoflex™ uses an external courier company for deliveries, therefore we cannot guarantee delivery on the exact specified date. However, our courier currently provide a 98% successful delivery rate.

Will the courier bring my mattress inside my property?

Our carrier's insurance policy only permits the delivery person to carry your item/s to your front door. If you live in a high rise building, then delivery will be made to the first front door of the building.

We do however offer a white glove service should you require delivery to a room of your choice, however there is a charge for this service and delivery can take a little longer.

I live in a multi-storey building, will the courier bring the item up to my property?

Due to insurance policy reasons our couriers are only permitted to deliver your item(s) to the front door of your building. Every Ergoflex™ mattress is delivered vacuum-packed in order to be as easily manoeuvered as possible.

What if I'm not at home when the courier attempts to deliver?

If for any reason you are not at home when the courier tries to deliver, they will leave a card with details of the consignment and how to contact the courier and arrange for re-delivery or, if it is easier, to collect from their depot. Alternatively, if possible, leave a signed note on your front door instructing the courier to leave the item with a neighbour. We are unable to leave goods which are unsigned, for insurance reasons. Please contact the depot within 24hrs, as your goods will be shipped back to Ergoflex™.

What happens when I place an order online?

We have made every effort to make the online order process as simple and convenient as possible.

When you complete your online purchase you will receive an automatic email receipt.

Once your purchase has been fully confirmed, you will receive another email from Ergoflex™ that confirms the delivery date that you have selected, or any alternative delivery arrangements. Please note that optional delivery dates are only available for customers in the majority of mainland UK.

What happens when I place an order over the phone?

We know that online ordering isn't convenient for everyone, so we have made it just as easy to place orders over the phone. Our order line is available on 0800 024 1122.

When placing an Ergoflex™ memory foam mattress order over the phone, the same confirmation processes apply as ordering online. However, the order will not be processed and confirmed for up to 24 hours, so the delivery and confirmation emails will be delayed slightly compared with online checkout.

How does the risk-free trial work?

We want you to be completely confident in ordering a mattress from Ergoflex, so we offer a risk-free thirty-day home trial for peace of mind. While most people fall in love with their Ergoflex after a night or two, some (for instance those who are accustomed to traditional pocket spring mattresses) may take a little longer to adjust to the specific support that high density memory foam provides. So, we ask that you try the mattress for twenty-one nights to allow your body to properly adjust. In the very unlikely event that you don’t get on with your mattress after that time, simply contact us within thirty days of receipt and we’ll organise a free return, then refund your purchase price.

Some exclusions apply, see terms and conditions page for details.


Which type of bed base should I use?

Ergoflex™ memory foam mattresses can be safely used with most types of bed, even adjustable electrics or divans. We would however advise that whilst it is ok to use Ergoflex™ memory foam mattresses with a slightly sprung bed base or a base with curved, convex slats it will perform better on a completely flat, stable platform.

If using on a slatted bed base please ensure the slats are no wider than 3 inches apart, in order to maintain the integrity of the base layer.

We strongly advise against the use of plywood, fibreboard (MDF) or similar board as a platform beneath the mattress, as well as using the mattress directly on the floor, as this can compromise essential breathability and airflow.

Why do you compression pack your mattresses?

Your new Ergoflex™ memory foam mattress will arrive boxed, and very compact. All of our mattresses are compressed, vacuum sealed, rolled and boxed. We use the very latest technology in this process ensuring this will in no way compromise or damage your mattress. We also find this packaging process considerably reduces damage that can often be caused to a full size mattress when in transit or dispatched for delivery via third party courier.

What do I do when it arrives?

We advise that you open the box and remove the mattress, as this makes it easier to carry the mattress to the room you plan to use it in. If you plan to open and install your mattress at a later date, we recommend keeping it compression packed for a maximum period of 4 weeks from initial delivery.

(Removing the mattress from the box makes it easier to carry and manoeuvre around your home.)

It is advisable to take the mattress into the room it is to be used in prior to opening the plastic cylindrical packaging. (Once this is removed, the mattress will unfurl and become more difficult to carry.) Please take great care in opening the plastic mattress packaging, if using a knife or sharp implement it is important to ensure you do not cut or nick the mattress itself.

Once you have removed the first layer of plastic packaging the mattress will unfurl. On opening the second layer of vacuum-sealed packaging, the mattress will immediately start the process of recovering to its natural depth and shape.

Can I use my mattress the same day it is delivered / opened?

Yes. The recovery process will take a maximum of 4 hours, and the mattress is fine to use the same day it is first unpackaged.

Why is there a distinct odour coming from my new mattress?

Whilst for some this can be a little unpleasant, it is entirely safe, normal, and to be expected. It is also amplified to some degree, as the mattress has been vacuum-sealed and packaged. This is however one of the major factors in Ergoflex™ being able to provide such a high specification mattress at a very competitive price. Newly manufactured visco-elastic foam has a distinct odour that will dissipate over a short period of time when exposed to air. To expedite this process you can remove the outer cover and machine wash whilst airing the mattress for a day or two prior to use. We find however that the majority of customers will use their new mattress on the first evening of receiving it. All Ergoflex™ Mattresses are manufactured to UK BS 5852 & BS 7177 safety standards and have Certi-Pur® & OKEO-TEX® 100 certification.

Caring for your mattress

Do I ever have to turn an Ergoflex memory foam mattress?

Standard sprung mattresses need to be flipped to prevent and delay the sagging that occurs through time. Like all memory foam mattresses, Ergoflex™ memory foam mattresses are manufactured to be laid one side up only, to achieve the body-moulding performance for which they are designed. We recommend rotating your mattress ‘head-to-toe’ through 180° degrees every month for the first 6 months of ownership and every 3 months thereafter over the course of its life to ensure even wear.

How do I keep my memory foam mattress free of dust mites and 'bed-bugs'?

Dust mites feed off discarded skin cells which can accumulate in a mattress core, while bed bugs are parasites that feed on blood.  Standard sprung mattresses have a hollow core, which provide what amounts to a breeding ground for the bugs and mites. Ergoflex™ memory foam mattresses have a solid core, with layered materials that offer a far-less attractive place for dust mites and other foreign matter. Most importantly, all Ergoflex memory foam mattresses are anti allergenic. This ensures both the mattress and the outer cover are hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial - free of dust mites, allergens and friendly for asthmatics.

Can I wash an Ergoflex memory foam mattress?

Due to its complex composition, we don't recommend washing an Ergoflex™ memory foam mattress. However our TENCEL® outer cover can be removed and machine washed at 30° and line-dried or tumble dried on a low heat setting for optimum hygiene and comfort.

If you're particulary concerned about liquid damage to your Ergoflex, we recommend the Ergoflex-LIFE mattress protector, a fully waterproof and breathable cover made from micro-fine TENCEL material and the only such product specifically designed to work with the Ergoflex mattress.

Should I rotate the Ergoflex mattress?

We recommend that you rotate your Ergoflex™ mattress (head-to-toe) through 180° every month for the first 6 months of ownership and every three months thereafter, in order to aid longevity of the memory foam performance and ensure even wear across the sleep surface.

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