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The Ergoflex 5G Memory Foam Mattress

18 Years. 332 Million Nights of Great Sleep and Counting.

A Decade of Innovation

Ergoflex™ commercially launched into the domestic consumer mattress market in 2006, bringing a number of firsts to the UK, Europe and Australian mattress industry.

We were the first affordably-priced memory foam mattress competitor to the market leader TEMPUR® that could offer a genuine like-for-like comparable level of specification and performance. We were one of the first to compression pack, vacuum-seal, roll and box our mattresses for customer convenience. We pioneered the ‘we only sell one perfect mattress’ in different sizes business model -vowing to sell direct to the consumer only, not supplying physical retail chains ensuring the savings were passed directly to the customer. We were the first to provide a one-mattress range that consisted of a single, highly-optimised specification at a high value price point. We were the first to offer all of this in an online-only, direct to customer model that removed the traditional middle-man (and their costs), simplifying the mattress buying process for good. All of the practices that Ergoflex™ introduced a decade ago have become standard principles of the new mattress industry online today.

Every Ergoflex™ mattress is backed by a ten-year warranty. We know that our mattresses last the distance in real world scenarios - rather than factory-recreated test environments - because we have been selling them around the world under the Ergoflex™ brand for that amount of time.

Our decade of bringing Ergoflex™ mattresses to the world has resulted in thousands & thousands of five-star reviews across a number of independent consumer platforms around the globe, as well as many, many millions of nights of great sleep.

Made by Us. Only Available from Us.

Proprietary Foams for Unique, Consistent Excellence.

All foams are not created equally. That's why from day one we've developed and manufactured everything that goes into the Ergoflex™ mattress in-house, ourselves. By controlling the production and specification of our foams we can ensure that our mattresses deliver a higher level of performance than those made by 'off-the-shelf' foam producers - delivering superior support and comfort while lasting longer. Indeed, in the majority of cases, the technical specifications of the foams sold to mattress brands by wholesale producers simply don't come close to those achieved by Ergoflex™.

Our decision to take the more complex route of creating our own proprietary higher density specification foams is one that every Ergoflex™ customer feels the benefit of every single night, for the many years that they’ll be enjoying their mattress.

Always Transparent
Performance Ratings.

Genuine High Density Memory Foam

We think it's really important to be clear about the technical qualities of our mattress, so we use industry standard ratings rather than marketing lines that avoid any sort of substance. This way, the customer is better informed and can make a more confident decision.

We developed the Ergoflex to offer an affordable alternative to the market-leading TEMPUR® mattress, working hard to achieve a combination of premium materials that delivered the same level of body-moulding support, comfort and longevity. In doing so, we arrived at a true high density rating for the visco-elastic memory foam layer. It's this quality, combined with superior materials throughout the mattress, that provides Ergoflex's class-leading performance attributes.

So Good that it's One-of-a-Kind.

Inclusively Compatible. Loved by All.

Ergoflex only make one mattress - the best. Firm, soft and supportive in equal measure. Obsessively engineered to deliver unrivalled comfort with exceptional durability coupled with what we believe to be the coolest memory foam mattress currently available in the market today. Developed with open cell foam, a specially-designed Cool-Sleep layer and a breathable, vented TENCEL® outer cover, Ergoflex avoids the heat-retention associated with lesser memory foam mattresses.

The Ergoflex was made for everyone, but the outstanding pressure-relieving performance has made dedicated fans of those who demand more from their mattress. From world-class sports stars at the top of their game to back pain sufferers and those with chronic medical conditions, Ergoflex is a life-enhancing choice.

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