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Sleep and Work Productivity

Long hours - early starts and late finishes - are seen as a badge of honour in many workplaces and industries. However, such an approach to work isn't particularly compatible with good quality sleep, and when you’re not sleeping well you're not allowing yourself to work to the best of your abilities.

Sleep and Work Productivity

Energy levels, concentration, motivation, communication and sociability - all essential for productivity at work - are all directly related to the quality of your sleep. Arriving into work after a poor night’s sleep means that you’re starting off with low energy reserves, and your job will rapidly deplete these as the hours go by. By sleeping well the night before you’re preparing your body with energy and ensuring that you’re ready for what the workday brings, from both a physical and mental perspective.

Sleep is also instrumental to your overall wellbeing, being closely linked to your immune system. When you have a run of poor quality sleep you’re opening your body up to catching infections, colds and becoming generally run down. In these cases you’ll find yourself either struggling through the workday or, more than likely, at home in bed feeling low.

It pays to be aware of the peaks and dips of energy that naturally occur throughout the day, even for the most well-rested of individuals. The most noticeable of these is the mid-afternoon 'slump' that tends to happen between 2-3pm. This process isn’t indicative of a lack of sleep, and can be effectively handled at work with simple time-management and suitable task scheduling.

So, to be a valuable and dependable asset at work with good productivity, you need to have good sleep on a regular basis and be aware of your body’s capabilities throughout the course of the day.

  • Sleep provides both the physical and mental energy needed for productivity at work.
  • Sleep helps to keep your immune system strong, fighting off bugs and colds that could lay you low and prevent you from working.
  • Respecting your need to sleep will result in consistently productive performance.

While burning the midnight oil might impress your boss in the short term, it’s also likely to dramatically reduce your productivity over time and isn’t a sustainable approach for your health and wellbeing. With a healthy regular sleep routine you’re rejuvenating and refreshing your body on a nightly basis and making sure that you’re at your most productive at work.

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