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Perfect Bedroom Environment

Your bedroom should be the place where you go for rest and rejuvenation, and if it isn't performing this role then you’re likely to notice in every aspect of your lifestyle. Thankfully, creating a haven of relaxation in the bedroom is an easy and incredibly rewarding process.

Perfect Bedroom Environment

It's important to use your bedroom as place for sleep, and sleep only. When you bring in other activities and spend time in the bedroom doing something other than sleeping, it makes it harder to settle down and relax into sleep when the time comes, as you're treating it as just another room in the house. The bedroom is special - treat it specially.

While televisions, computers and other electronic devices have brought a world of entertainment into our lives, they are not compatible with good quality sleep and therefore shouldn't be in the bedroom. This rule also goes for electronic items that perhaps aren’t so obviously distracting. Plug-in alarm clocks, radios, stereos and other similar items can all give off subtle light and noise that could impact on sleep quality. By removing unnecessary distractions and treating your bedroom solely as a place for sleep, you're effectively telling your mind and body that they should be relaxing while in that environment, and that sense can have an immediately calming effect.

Make sure your mattress is as supportive and comfortable as possible. If you’re struggling to get to sleep because of discomfort, then you need to invest in a new mattress straight away, as sleep quality is vitally important for your general health and wellbeing.

A messy bedroom, with discarded clothes or even a jumbled and disorganised layout can give off a chaotic vibe that makes it difficult to fully relax in, perhaps because the appearance clearly reminds you that there are jobs to be done. Keeping the room tidy and orderly helps provide a serene, calm atmosphere where relaxing is the natural state.

  • Remove electronic devices
  • Make sure your mattress is as supportive as possible
  • Treat your bedroom as a place just for sleep - don’t use it as an entertainment room
  • Keep it tidy

With some careful arrangement you can make your bedroom a sanctuary of sleep, and you’ll feel the benefits with increased vitality and energy levels throughout the day.

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