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Bedroom Colours

Colours are a powerful way to create ambience and set the mood in a room. By selecting the right colour scheme you can infuse a sense of calm into your bedroom that actively promotes relaxation and good quality sleep.

Bedroom Colours

Perhaps the best place to start when choosing a colour for your bedroom is by considering the various effects that different colours have on the mind. Generally speaking, the colour palette can be split into two distinct sides - 'warm' and 'cool'. 'Warm' colours include reds and oranges, while 'cool' colours are blues and greens. Some colours, such as yellows and purples can be a combination of both.

The bedroom environment should be one of serenity and peacefulness, where relaxation is a natural state. With this in mind, restful colours from the cool part of the palette are often the most appropriate for bedrooms. Colours like light greens and blues can evoke the natural environment, and are known to soothe and calm. Vibrant colours such as oranges and bright yellows should be avoided as the main colours within a bedroom as they’re immediately stimulating, but they can be employed in moderation as accent colours.

Neutral colours such as creams, whites and browns aren't part of the primary colour palette, and can provide some of the most effective tones in the bedroom by bringing to mind serenity and restfulness.

As well as helping create mood, the colour choice of a room can also have an impact on how light and spacious it feels. Darker colours can have a distinctly negative effect on the overall atmosphere of a room, making it feel enclosed and cramped. By avoiding these types of colours you’re ensuring that your bedroom has a fresh and airy ambience.

  • Colours from the 'cool' part of the palette have a calming effect.
  • Colours from the 'warm' part of the palette are stimulating and energising.
  • Don’t feel restricted to using a single colour, try a scheme of two or three complementary colours.
  • If you prefer vibrant tones, use them sparingly on items like cushions and throws.

Choosing a peaceful colour scheme in the bedroom can have an instantly calming effect, setting the scene for a blissful descent into deep sleep.

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