Ergoflex Christmas Gift Guide 2015

Ergoflex Christmas Gift Guide 2015

gift guideIt’s that time of year again when thoughts turn to cosy nights by the fire, fun in the snow, festive celebrations and, naturally, a growing panic about what to buy people for Christmas!

This year, why not rest easy and make sleep the theme of your gifts? By giving a sleep-related gift you’re giving so much more – increased energy and vitality, a brighter mood, and a wellbeing that only comes from regular good sleep.

So this Christmas ditch the chocolates and novelty presents, and give a gift that they’ll feel the benefit of every single day; sleep.



Calming Environment

White Lavender Large Candle – The White Company - £50

Lavender is an instantly calming fragrance, making it the perfect base scent for a candle designed to set a restful mood before bedtime. This beautiful four-wick candle also has basil, lemon and the powerfully-relaxing scent of vetiver combining to create a blissful soothing aroma.


gownLounging in Style

Hooded Luxury Dressing Gown – M&S - £39.50

Why not add a touch of glamour to your pre-sleep routine with a luxury dressing gown? Classy yet relaxed, this robe is the perfect outfit for a peaceful evening, while the hood adds that extra bit of cosy comfort.


Snuggling Up

Knitted Waves Throw – John Lewis - £79throw

For those going all out for some serious comfort in the evening, we’d recommend this knitted throw. Perfect for cuddling up underneath on those cold winter nights, and an elegantly rustic addition to your interior style during the day.



Chilling Out

SleepPhones Classic Headband Headphones – SleepPhones - £29.99  

Headphones designed to be comfortable for sleeping could be the perfect gift for any music lover. SleepPhones plug into your audio device and could even be used to listen to white noise in order to block out any sounds that may keep you awake at night.


Keeping Track

UP3 – Jawbone – £129.99 

For those who are fitness conscious, a wearable activity tracker is an ideal gift. The UP3 from Jawbone is perfect for tracking sleep, it draws up graphs showing how long it predicts you were in each stage of sleep as well as monitoring other activities throughout the day.


Staying Cool

Chillow – Chillow - £26.50 

If you’re always searching for the cool side of the pillow, why not try a Chillow? Coupled with your existing pillow, it can keep you cool when you’re trying to sleep.


Sleeping Soundly

Ergoflex Memory Foam Mattress – Ergoflexergoflex

Of course we’d recommend our own Ergoflex HD memory foam mattress as the ultimate sleep gift, but for very good reason. Developed with proprietary ACPT™ visco-elastic for premium body-moulding performance, the Ergoflex provides comfort and support that lasts the entire night. With a better quality, undisturbed sleep night after night it’s truly a gift that keeps on giving. What’s more, in its vacuum-packed box it might even fit under the Christmas tree… and they’ll never guess there’s a life-changing mattress inside that parcel.



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