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The Ergoflex 5G TENCEL Cover

The Ergoflex 5G TENCEL Cover

The perfect fit for the perfect mattress

One of the innovations that we’re most excited about with the Ergoflex 5G is the TENCEL® outer cover. It looks simply fantastic, but more importantly it performs even better in a number of ways. As soon as we discovered and trialled the ways that TENCEL® works we knew it was the only material we’d want to use for the Ergoflex 5G cover – it’s the perfect fit for the perfect mattress.

TENCEL® is completely natural, made entirely from wood pulp cellulose sourced sustainably. It outperforms cotton and even the latest manmade materials in every area where it matters.

It feels wonderful to the touch, remarkably smooth and silky, and unmistakably premium. The surface is moisture-wicking and quick drying in much the same way as high-end sportswear, yet it achieves this performance without any synthetic or chemical additions. This makes it a supremely luxurious choice for a mattress cover. 

ergoflex 5G tencel coverIt’s highly breathable, allowing for air to pass freely through its fibres and helping to regulate the temperature of the mattress. For the 5G cover we designed a vented edge panel using TENCEL® mesh, further encouraging airflow and the release of once-retained heat within the mattress core.

We’ve always been proud of the anti-allergenic and anti-microbial properties of Ergoflex mattresses, and we know how this is a vitally important issue for many of our customers. With the TENCEL® cover we’re taking this to the next level, as the material is naturally anti-bacterial thanks to its celluar fibre construction. We also worked hard to develop a removable cover, which is machine washable and even suitable for tumble driers. This means that you can wash your 5G cover as quickly and easily as your clothes, keeping everything supremely hygienic.

Visit our mattress page for more information on the TENCEL® cover.

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