The Best Just Got Better

The Best Just Got Better

Introducing the All-New Ergoflex 5G

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the Ergoflex 5G, the most advanced memory foam mattress that we’ve ever made.

ergoflex 5g memory foam mattressTrue high density visco-elastic memory foam has been a key element of the Ergoflex brand since our commercial launch back in 2006, providing the outstanding performance that we’ve become known for around the world. So it will come as no surprise to discover that we’re continuing our dedication to premium high density with the 5G, delivering the best performing Ergoflex yet. Featuring a 9cm 85kg/m3 visco-elastic layer the 5G offers temperature-sensitive body shaping, pressure-relieving support and instant comfort that lasts the entire night. This density grade is the highest available in any mattress at this price range, delivering matchless performance and longevity.

Beneath the HD layer there’s our Cool-Sleep™ airflow system, a castellated foam layer that allows the mattress to breathe, dissipating warmth and encouraging a comfortable regulated temperature.

The base layer is high-resilient impact-resistant foam, providing the perfect foundation for the upper layers to perform optimally.

We’re also introducing our all-new TENCEL® outer cover, which every Ergoflex 5G comes beautifully encased in. Naturally breathable and luxurious, the TENCEL® cover has been meticulously designed to complement the Ergoflex 5G performance by promoting temperature regulation within the mattress core and allowing air to flow freely. Removable, washable and even suitable for tumble driers, the TENCEL® cover redefines mattress cover hygiene.

Visit our mattress page for more information on the Ergoflex 5G.

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