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Memory Foam Mattress Depth and ILD


It is often assumed that the thicker the mattress the better it is. However this is a common misconception. Having a mattress that is too thick will just cause you to be enclosed by it and struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position. The mattress will also give you very little support. If the...

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Undisturbed Sleep with a Memory Foam Mattress


In order to wake up feeling rejuvenated, an undisturbed night’s sleep is essential. It is important that the sleep cycle is not interrupted to achieve a fresh feeling when you wake. Sleep is important for your ability to focus and concentrate throughout the day. Lack of sleep can decrease productivity...

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Memory foam mattress benefits for athletes


As any sportsperson knows, the warm-down is an integral part of any exercise session. Warming the body down helps to reduce build up of lactic acid, regulate blood flow back to a normal level and settle muscles from the rigours of exertion. Failure to warm down can lead to aches and pains, cramps...

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Undisturbed sleep on a memory foam mattress


When trying to sleep it is important that you are not disturbed or distracted whilst preparing bed or on your mattress trying to get comfortable. A spring mattress does not provide your body's pressure points with enough support throughout the night and can leave your body with aches and pains...

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Eclectic Nightwear -The Importance of Bedtime Attire


The type of nightwear we don can change the way we feel when in bed and can contribute massively to the quality of rest we receive. Pyjamas are designed to provide us with comfort and security, allowing us to move freely when asleep, while wrapping us snugly in soft fabric. The loose fitted,...

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5 Memory Foam Mattress Myths


With the growth of memory foam mattresses in recent years, there are many enduring myths about the material that keep on being repeated, often by retailers of the memory foam products themselves. Here's the Ergoflex guide to some of the most commonly found memory foam mattress myths; 1)...

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