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Co-sleeping Parenting Uncovered - Study: Average Age When Stopped is Over 7

Tuesday 1st July 2014

Our latest investigation in to the sleep habits of the nation took a look at the controversial issue of co-sleeping with children, and uncovered a number of surprising statistics. We found that the average age that a child stops sleeping in their parents’ bed on a regular basis is over 7 years old, and that many parents lie about the situation to friends and families.

Overall, some 87% of our 2740 respondents said that their child had slept in the parental bed at least once. The reasons behind allowing this to happen were varied, with the top five being;

  1. Too tired to deal with the child not sleeping in their own bed – 24%
  2. Child was distressed (poorly or unsettled) – 22%
  3. Fell asleep while cuddling in bed – 16%
  4. Partner wasn’t home and felt lonely – 15%
  5. Woke up to find them in bed – 14%

Category: Sleep Research

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Children’s Bedtime Habits- How to get your child from your bed to their own bed

Friday 8th November 2013

Should children sleep in their parent’s bed or should they sleep alone? This is a very common debate amongst mums and dads throughout the world and contrasting views are often disputed in schools, nurseries and on parenting forums.

In terms of baby sleep, the NHS states that the safest place for a baby to sleep is in a cot on their back. They also recommend that a baby sleeps in the same room as a parent for the first six months of their life. Although the NHS don’t actively discourage parents from sharing a bed with a baby, they do however emphasise that a cot is the safest place for them and state never to share a bed with a baby if you or your partner have consumed alcohol, taken drugs or if either of you have a smoking habit.

Although it may be less safe for a newborn baby to sleep in their parents bed than it is for them to sleep alone in their cot, this doesn’t really apply when it comes to toddlers and older children. There is really no right or wrong answer when it comes to parent and child co-sleeping and it is important to do whatever works for your family. ‘Attachment parenting’ is a growing trend which is based on the importance of the attachment theory in developmental psychology and aims to help children to form a healthy emotional bond with their parents, the technique involves parent and child co-sleeping. 

Category: Sleep Research

Read full: Children’s Bedtime Habits- How to get your child from your bed to their own bed

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