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Ergoflex™ Deluxe HD Visco Elastic Memory Foam Pillow

Ergoflex™ Deluxe HD Visco Elastic Memory Foam Pillow
Our Price £140 per pair
SALE PRICE £70 per pair
Size 65cm x 45cm
Grade Mixed HD memory Foam Micro-Fill
Rating Soft outer feel with HD Firm inner filling.
Earliest Delivery Next Day

Our Deluxe HD traditional shape memory-foam pillows are currently available to customers at a discount of 50%. The pillows have the same removable, washable outer cover as the Ergoflex™ mattress and are designed to fit inside a standard size pillow case. The pillow composition comprises a 2cm outer layer of Ergo Flex 'soft touch' memory foam with a high density inner filling of visco elastic micro-fill. The pillows are fantastic quality, and whilst soft to touch, provide a firm, high density visco elastic base to support and rest your head and neck.

Ergoflex-LIFE™ Memory Foam Mattress Protector

Memory Foam Mattress Protector

Size All sizes available
Material Ergoflex-LIFE™ Tencel mattress protector
Waterproof 100%
Breathable Yes
Thermo-regulating Yes
Care Machine-wash at 90c

Protect your investment with Ergoflex-LIFE™ fitted sheet - the world's most advanced memory foam mattress protector. Waterproof, breathable and natural, Ergoflex-LIFE™ is the best way to guard your memory foam mattress from the realities of everyday life.

While alternative mattress protectors offer peace of mind at the cost of comfort, Ergoflex-LIFE™ uses advanced Tencel nano-technology material to provide the best level of protection without significantly impacting upon the performance of your memory foam mattress.

Designed to complement the sophisticated properties of memory foam mattresses, the super-thin Ergoflex-LIFE™ fitted sheet provides almost effortless comfort along with class-leading protection. Working with the same temperature-sensitivity as the memory foam mattress itself, the smart membrane used in Ergoflex-LIFE™ absorbs and distributes moisture far more effectively than cotton, wool and commonly-used synthetics. This superior attribute allows our mattress protector to offer a thermo-regulating sleeping environment that promotes relaxation, making it comfortably efficient when used as a mattress protector or even as the primary bed sheet.

Tencel material is made from 100% natural sources, with fibres engineered to perform to advanced levels. The moisture-repellent characteristics of the material mean that it naturally reduces the opportunity for bacteria to grow. This anti-bacterial element in turn makes the mattress inhospitable for dust mites (bed bugs), resulting in an altogether more hygienic mattress.

Please note: a mattress protector is not intended to enhance the performance of the mattress. The Ergoflex-LIFE™ mattress protector uses the thinnest, most breathable material currently available, and its thermo-regulating attributes make it the best choice for use with memory foam mattresses. However, whilst this product doesn't markedly inhibit memory foam performance and will provide protection from liquids, it is ultimately an after-market addition and it is a fact that no memory foam mattress will ever feel as comfortable to use with the addition of a protective layer.

Machine-wash before first use for best results. Tumble dry on low. This item cannot be returned once removed from its packaging, due to hygienic reasons.

Confidence in Textiles

Environmental attributes:

Tencel is not only an advanced, high-performance material, it's also environmentally-friendly.

Tencel is developed from natural cellulose that is found in wood pulp, making it a truly eco-friendly fabric. Tencel's manufacturing process employs an award-winning closed-loop approach that recovers and eliminates emissions and solvents. As well as being completely natural, the raw materials used in Tencel are sourced from sustainable woodland accredited by the European Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) - guaranteeing an ethical and environmentally-friendly origin that won't impact on the Earth's resources.

As a result of these natural origins, Tencel material is 100% biodegradable at the end of its life-cycle.

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